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Business and Huddle Space Installations

Staying connected with clients can be difficult without the proper tools. Communication across multimedia support can make or break your connection. We have the experience and equipment to expand your reach and increase your effectiveness in your business endeavors. Mixed Technologies will take your needs and design an A/V system customized to fit your budget and space constraints.

Education Installations

Mixed Technologies can provide your learning areas with the ever changing needs that are in the current classrooms.  Our experience with design and installation of industry leading equipment will assist with engaging your students.  Let us help you keep up with the state of the art classroom audio video implementation.

Worship Centers

The method of your message is often as important as what is being communicated across. Without relevant delivery, your message can fall flat before it reaches the people who need it. We understand the importance of quality audio and video presentation tools.  We have the resources and advanced knowledge to design and install exactly what you need. Whether you need a large-scale av sound (or visual) system or the ability to fill a small space with your message, we have solutions for you.

Digital Signage

Get your message across and make an impression. Mixed Technologies can tailor fit your signage options to your specific audience at a particular time and displayed ​at almost any size – from a single screen to a complete wall.

Free Consultations

Every space is different. We provide a free consultation to understand your audio video design needs.

Contact us today to create the space you always dreamed of!

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